Pros and cons of starting your own business 

Pros and cons of starting your own business 

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virgin-media-business-1024x768Bou have a good idea, all the resources, you have collected all the documents you need – it is time to start your own private business. Many people decide to take this step for many reasons – they are unsatisfied with the jobs they have worked, they have an idea they believe will work, they earned or inherited some money and want to invest it smartly… No matter what the reason behind starting a private business may be, there are strong advantages and strong disadvantages of such a venture.

On the plus side, what comes first is more freedom, which is visible in many aspects. If you have many ideas on how to start a business and how to develop it further – you can be sure that you can implement them, because you do not need confirmation and permission from a superior.

Business-people-smp-bossIf there are any changes and modifications you think your business needs, you are the one who decides to make them. In relation to the aspect of freedom, another advantage of a private business is that you are your own boss and your own authority. You decide how many people to hire and whether someone needs to be hired or fired, and you are the one who decides in which direction you want your business to move. Larger flexibility of time is also one of the advantages of a private business. Even though it requires lots of hard work, you can choose how to spread that amount of work during the day, month or year. Also, you can distribute some of the work to the employees if you cannot manage everything. Focusing on what you love may actually be one of the greatest advantages of having your own business. It is grown out of your ideas and preferences and based on what you are good at and what you find interesting, which gives you a large opportunity to enjoy what you do.

When it comes to disadvantages, higher risk should probably the first thing to mention. No matter how great idea you may have, how much willingness to put an effort and how many resources – there is always the risk of not succeeding.

individual responsibilityLarger responsibility is also one of the strong disadvantages of having your own business. Being your own boss and being in charge of everything has many good sides, but it can also be a burden and not everyone is ready for that.

Simply, you are responsible for yourself, your employees, the profit and all the changes that need to be made. Some people find it too stressful, and this is why many people give up running a business after a while. In relation to the responsibility, there are also much more things to think about when you have your own business than when working for someone else. Even though you will hire a bookkeeper, a cleaner, and the employees on different positions and in charge of different areas of the business – you still have to supervise everything and make sure that everything works, which is also one of very stressful aspects of owning a business.

If you are thinking of starting a business, think about all the upsides and downsides, and above all – be sure to not only ask yourself whether you can handle it, but also to give yourself an honest answer.

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Creating a successful Facebook ad 

Creating a successful Facebook ad 

There are many ways of advertising: Google ads, advertising on websites, TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines… However, one of the most successful advertising strategies is putting your ads on Facebook. Why is this so? First of all, Facebook has recently announced that there are over a billion and a half users of this social network. Secondly, they have also announced that over one billion people use Facebook every day. Also, unlike other methods of advertising, Facebook offers us the opportunity to show the ad to the group of people that is most likely to be interested in what we offer. Through the activity of users on Facebook, such as liking, commenting and sharing, the Facebook’s database is filled with data on each user. These data are useful for advertisers so they are able to display an ad only to the right group of people.


These are the most important elements of a Facebook ad. If you create them properly, you are likely to gain many new customers and reach the specific audience that will be interested in your product or service:

facebook-ad-designs-screenshot-800x4361.The text of the ad
– creating a catchy, easy to understand text is a tool that will help you attract the potential customers’ attention.

2.Images related to the ad – similar to the text, choosing a proper image to follow your ad is a very important element that will help attract people and make them want to see what is behind the ad.

3.A proper call to action should also be determined, in accordance with the product or service you offer.

4.The page to which the ad leads – just like the call to action, this component of the Facebook ad also depends on the product or service you offer. It may lead to your website, to the image gallery, to the contact page or anything else that is in accordance with the goal of the ad.

These are the most important steps in creating a successful Facebook ad:

1.Choose what you want to advertise – this means that you need to determine what the goal of creating this ad is – do you want to promote your new business, to gain new customers, to promote a sale etc. It also depends on the type of business you own – whether you advertise services or products.

2.Specify the target group – this is one of the key steps that make your ad reach the specific target audience. Facebook offers you a range of criteria to narrow down the criteria that determine your target audience – age, location, gender, interests and behaviors. By carefully and precisely specifying the target group, you can be sure that the ad will reach those it is intended for.

Create Facebook Ads

3.Determine advertising budget – this depends on the number of factors, and Facebook offers you different opportunities – paying for an ad daily, paying for the whole campaign, determining the duration of the campaign etc. Depending on what you want to achieve with the ad, you can determine the budget for advertising.

4.Create the look of the ad – you need to concentrate on a type of people you want to attract by your ad. Based on this model, you will need to create an ad that will be catchy, arouse interest and be interesting to the target group of users.

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5 online guerrilla marketing ideas 

5 online guerrilla marketing ideas 

Guerrilla Marketing


Guerrilla marketing is a term you may have encountered numbers of times. It is a type of marketing that uses unconventional methods, requires creative thinking and it is less expensive than traditional marketing, or even free. Guerrilla marketing often requires interaction with potential customers, which is one more aspect that makes it different from traditional marketing. This marketing method is commonly used, and people come up with various creative ideas to attract new customers without investing too much money.

In this article we will present you with five ideas for online guerrilla marketing:

Guest blogging – this is one of the most common and the most popular ways of online guerrilla marketing. It requires finding a blog with many subscribers that deals with the topic that is similar to your area of business, because this way the audience will be the same and it will help you gain new customers. You can connect to the blogger and either write a guest blog on their page, or ask them to add a link to your website in one of their posts.

Create an email signature – this is a very simple, yet very effective strategy of advertising online without investing any money. You can create an automated email signature which will be added at the end of every email you send. It should include your name and position, the name of your company and the link to its website. Adding a small catchy drawing or animation may also have a positive effect and catch the readers’ attention.


Run a competition of your Facebook page or website – this has become a popular way of guerrilla marketing and it works for many kinds of businesses. It does not require any investment except the prize you give to the winner of the competition. These competitions can work in many ways and have different rules, depending on your ideas and the type of the business you run. You can create a quiz, a photo competition, organize a competition for the most interesting Facebook comment etc. The possibilities are practically endless. These kinds of competitions do not require people to invest anything but creativity or knowledge, so they are usually very eager to enter them and they will also invite their friends to compete or to vote for them.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Any Busines

Organize a giveaway – another common way of guerrilla marketing, that is in a way similar to the competition, but it requires less effort.  The most popular way of giveaway is inviting people to write a comment on your giveaway post, after which a random number generator will choose the winner or the winners. Using images is very useful in this kind of advertizing, because they are the most shared media on social networks and they are the most likely to draw people’s attention.

Create self-promotional and tutorial videos – in addition to social networks and blogging websites, YouTube is also one of the useful tools for reaching new customers. Creating funny, catchy videos or useful video tutorials which will be shared on social networks can make people interested in your product or business, and it can bring you many new customers.

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