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General Rules for Using a Blender

Keeping your blender in tip-top shape is not hard to do. Always read the manual first and follow their instructions.
Normal-size food processors can process around 3 cups of liquid safely, at a time. This is ideal for milkshakes and fruity drinks, but is also great for making salad dressings, cream soups and all types of sauces. Always remember to clean the blender, especially the blades after each use. Food particles can be hard to see and if left will make you sick. Do not ever immerse the bottom of the blender into water.

When purchasing a blender, look for one that has a container that best suits your needs. Try it out before you buy if the store will let you. Check out its features and other accessories that can be bought separately. If they won’t let you try it out in the store, or you get it home and decide you don’t like it, don’t panic. Make sure you keep all packaging and your receipts and take it back to the store as soon as possible.

When using your blender never remove the container from the base unit while the motor is still on. This will cause damage to the motor. If you are chopping foods, make sure you cut the food into smaller pieces so they will be able to get under the blender’s blades. They will not process and if the food is really large it can cause damage to your motor.

Add the food items first to the blender before plugging it in. That way any spills can be cleaned up beforehand and no threat of electrocution. Make sure the cord is not wet or the prongs of the cord.

Always keep one hand on the container lid when starting the blender.

If the motor is laboring-it will sound like it is stuck- when using a low speed, go ahead and choose the next speed up to complete your processing.

Always turn off the blender and allow the blade to stop completely before removing the lid.

Never add carbonated beverages to your blender. You can, but your drinks will loose their fizz.

If using frozen ingredients, use the pulse feature. It will process frozen items better and with little effort.

When blending hot ingredients, leave the feeder cap slightly ajar to release steam buildup.

Never overload the blender. The food will expand as you process it.

Make sure all chopped food is equally sized. Stick with about 3/4 inch cubes for the best result.

You can grate cheese in your blenders, but make sure the cheese is well chilled or you’ll end up with a sticky mess.

When preparing your next meal, think about how you can utilize your blender to make your meal preparation easier.